When I started the original Turbo Studio in 2009, the high cost of building and maintaining a website surprised me, prompting me to learn how to do it myself.
There should be no compromise.

Beauty and flair should not have to be sacrificed for affordability, they can coexist".
A Short Story About Turbo Studio

Turbo Studio began its journey in 2009 as Sydney's first indoor training centre for cyclists and triathletes. Over the years, we grew our business to offer event management, race team sponsorship, coaching services for athletes of all skill levels, international and local tour operations and a successful partnership with Audi Centre Zetland. After twelve years of riding the highs and lows of running a small business, Turbo Studio had become an incredibly successful enterprise that contributed significantly to the industry and community.

However, like many other gym style operations, Turbo Studio was hit hard by the pandemic. But rather than simply folding up shop, we saw an opportunity in hotel quarantine and started renting fitness equipment to incoming travellers. What began as a trial quickly blossomed into a seven-day operation that made us the leading provider of fitness equipment for quarantine hotels in Sydney.f

We made the decision to permanently close the indoor training house and other elements of my business two weeks before the 2021 NSW lockdown, as we did not believe it could survive another forced closure with many clients having already shifted to online platforms. While there was no doubts in closing this arm of the business, we continued with the equipment rental until the end of hotel quarantine, which concluded on November 1, 2021.

After hotel quarantine ended, we made the decision to close the remaining model altogether. Given the ongoing impact on gymnasiums and the availability of numerous online fitness programs, we did not see Turbo Studio benefiting from competing in an already crowded space that offered ample options for cyclists and triathletes

During the pandemic, I continuously contemplated the future of Turbo Studio. Prior to COVID, my personal passion for cycling had started to diminish. I felt that we had achieved all that was possible from within the parameters of the business and although I still loved coming to work, the desire to explore other avenues began to creep in.

One aspect of Turbo Studio that always brought me great enjoyment was digital marketing and web development. I took pride in regularly refreshing the website design along with new content and information. I began to consider how I could leverage these skills, which had already saved me a significant amount in overhead costs, to create a successful business model that addressed an unfulfilled need. I asked myself what problems I could solve for small business owners using my expertise.

I have observed many small business owners either attempting to build their own website on DIY platforms with little to no expertise or paying for the services of a professional web developer, despite their limited financial resources. In both cases, the end result often fell short and resulted in significant loss of time and money for their business.

The new business model that you see here today provides customers with a website at a fixed cost based on customisable templates that we tailor to your business while maintaining essential elements, such as cross-device functionality, competitive search engine rankings, and a strong user experience. This solution is offered at a competitive rate, which is not currently widely available in the market due to the high costs generally associated with these services.

So here is the new Turbo Studio - creating beautiful websites on a template model that exceeds what you may have been able to produce or afford otherwise. Your business is an expression of who you are and deserves to make the best possible impression on the world.

My enduring commitment was always to maintain a professional approach through my passion for both cycling and our valued clients. Moving forward, I remain dedicated to providing a quality service that empowers clients to reach their full business potential through having a stellar web presence, delivered by us.

Joanne Palazzetti

Founder, Turbo Studio


I don't believe beauty and aesthetics need to be compromised for functionality and affordability. A beautiful website can consist of all these layers and provide a wonderful sense of pride


At all times throughout my business life I have conducted my operations with a strong moral compass and under the guiding principal of 'do the right thing' by my clients, staff and the overall brand


I'm a small business owner too and I've created this model through experiencing the same unreachable costs involved in building and maintaining a website that I could ultimately be proud of


I've been in business for over twenty years and have gathered a loyal network of clients through a reputation of honesty, reliability and a strong display of ethics

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